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Published new site

May 6, 2017 Article of 100 words News

Today I published my new site. The previous one was hosted on SmugMug, and I was very happy with it. But the cost of Power plan, necessary to use my own domain, was not justified for an amateur photographer like me. Moreover I took the opportunity to merge my portfolio site with my blog that were a self-hosted Wordpress blog. If you are technically savvy, and you want more information on how I created this site, you can read the techical about. Read more...

The Tenset

Dec 16, 2009 Quote Quote Photography Web

I'll come right out with this…I wish every photographer's website started out with the ten pictures (of their own, I mean) they love best. Call it a tenset to give it a name…a set of ten. A core set. A key set. A photographer's ten best, or ten favorite, or ten most characteristic pictures, up front. Even if they recur in later categories.